The Rooms

A dining experience like no other!

Dean Michael’s Griddlehouse has it’s own sense of comfort and unique appeal with its four differently designed rooms to choose from for your dining experience.

Mountain Room – Click on image to enlarge.

Mountain Room
The room can comfortably sit up to 18 guests at one time, making it perfect for any celebration or get together. Ideal for group gatherings of family and friends or small business meetings. This eclectic room is where guests will appreciate the view of the Rockies while enjoying a cup of coffee… bet you didn’t know Woodstock had mountains!

Sun Room – Click on image to enlarge.

Sun Room
This open concept area has beautiful large windows with a view overlooking the golf course. Guests will enjoy a unique atmosphere, with real marble booths and many tables for large groups.

Victorian Room – Click on image to enlarge.

Victorian Room
The Victorian room offers a homely environment of antiqued furniture where guests can enjoy the intricate decor and intimate environment.

French Room – Click on image to enlarge.

French Quarter
Feel like you are in a court yard sipping tea in a cultured dining area. A refreshing and classy way to dine.