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E-Guide on How to do:
The Set up and Running of a Commercial Kitchen in Ontario
By: Dean Michael Kowalchuk
Owner of Dean Michael’s Griddlehouse Inc. and Gourmet Coffee


This E- GUIDE is written solely with the purpose of guiding you on how to set up, and smoothly run, a commercial restaurant kitchen.

It has NOTHING to do with the Front of any restaurant; (by “Front” of a restaurant, I mean everything, except the kitchen). This is a guide about RESTAURANT KITCHENS.

There are countless books, publications, e-books, papers and many other means, to learn about running the front of your restaurant; covering everything from table/chair placement, to napkin folding, and the servers, etc.

However, the back of your restaurant (or back of house – B.O.H) takes precedence. It is the most important part of your establishment, it is the Nerve Center. Why? THE FOOD. Without food; hot, good food, or any food for that matter, you do not have a restaurant.

You may have the most uniquely themed restaurant, with a jet sitting right in the center of your main dining room. But without the food, no one will come to eat. Remember, people are still coming to your establishment, to fill and satisfy their bellies.

The ‘ambience’ or ‘concept’, may draw the people in, but it is, without a doubt, your food, that will keep
them coming!

This E-GUIDE covers everything relative to the restaurant kitchen; from your unique concept, right up to serving your first plate, with such topics as;

  • 1st menu before equipment.
  • Itemized list of food requirements (aka:ingredients).
  • Using the same ingredients across multiple recipes and plates equipment needed to execute your menu.
  • Layout and organization of the physical kitchen
  • Outside authorities such as: fire department, board of health, insurance companies.
  • Kitchen flow (direction).
  • Mandatory papers, such as: inventory sheets, ordering sheets, recipe sheets, chemical sheets, cleaning sheets, opening sheets, closing sheets, duty sheets etc..
  • Selecting a food service provider.
  • The egg poacher… oh ya…it’s a tricky one.
  • Chits…what chits are, and receiving them.
  • The physical execution of the kitchen.
  • Kitchen pivot. What is it? (Number 1 spot. The ruler. The brains). The ability to pump food.

And so much more…

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